3D Printing Portfolio

This is an ongoing 3D Printing Portfolio showcase of our 3D Print Projects we have completed from our own 3D CAD work and from files supplied direct by our Clients.


The 3D Printed examples are for these industries;

  • Engineering; mechanical prototypes and functional parts
  • Advertising; brand design simulations for market research
  • Film & TV; costume and props mass produced as prints or casts
  • Theatre & Exhibition;
  • Architecture; client presentation of form, volume and space
  • Educational; learning and teaching models, samples and puzzles
  • Industrial Design; concept products and tooling samples
  • Shop Display; Logo, Banner, Icons, Point of Sale, Badges, Livery
  • Medical; simulations and visual aids
  • Prototyping; model making
  • Electrical; Casings, Boxes, Enclosures and Containers

If you wish to enquire about a 3D Print from your drawings, sketches or files then please Contact Us.

“This is a prototype re-design of a light switch button cover which was 3D Printed from a nice water-tight design supplied from CAD to .stl for for 3D Printing LEEDS to output in PLA as a test piece in the development of a clients new product design.

#3dprint #electrical #enclosure #product #design #prototyping #proofofconcept

To view our Showcase: https://www.3dprintingleeds.co.uk/3d-showcase/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3dprintleeds/”

From 3D Printed Enclosure. Posted by 3DPrintLeeds on 5/08/2020 (3 items)

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