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If you are in a rush simply EMAIL US with your file(s).

 All 3D Printing requires a 3D CAD File* of your item. Preferably in .STL format.
If you do not have any 3D Files, we can create files from your sketches, drawings, photos or reverse engineer from a 3D Scan* This work* is chargeable.
Our minimum charge of £75ph means One-off or Domestic items are often uneconomic.


    Please include information about ...
    dimensions [width x height x depth in mm],
    material [we print with Grey PLA for prototypes],
    quantity [how many do you need printed],
    deadline [if any].

    • file types: jpg | pdf | stl | zip | stl
    • file size: <25Mb
    • Large Files are better sent by a link from DROPBOX, OneDrive, WETRANSFER, etc.

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    *3D Printing Leeds is a marketing name of the James Rothschild Partnership.
    Providing 3D Printing Services for LEEDS LONDON MANCHESTER and SHEFFIELD and the UK