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Mastering FDM 3D Printing

Mastering FDM 3D Printing

Introduction: Unveiling Best Practices

In the realm of additive manufacturing, Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D printing stands tall as a versatile and accessible technology. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned maker, mastering FDM 3D printing requires a keen understanding of its nuances and best practices. In this article, we’ll explore the essential guidelines that will empower you to unlock the full potential of FDM 3D printing.

1. Choosing the Right Filament:

Selecting the appropriate filament material is paramount to achieving successful FDM 3D prints. Different materials possess varying properties such as strength, flexibility, and heat resistance. PLA, ABS, PETG, and TPU are popular choices, each catering to specific applications. Research your project’s requirements and opt for a filament that aligns with your desired outcome.

SUNLU's product range encompasses all popular 3D printer filaments such as PLA, PLA+, PETG, ABS, TPU, and various modified PLA filaments

SUNLU’s product range encompasses all popular 3D printer filaments such as PLA, PLA+, PETG, ABS, TPU, and various modified PLA filaments

2. Calibrating Printer Settings:

Proper calibration of your 3D printer is the cornerstone of quality prints. Pay meticulous attention to bed levelling, nozzle height, and extrusion rate. A well-calibrated printer ensures consistent layer adhesion and prevents issues like warping and uneven prints.

3D Printer Calibration Articles by Simplify3D

3D Printer Calibration Articles by Simplify3D

3. Optimising Print Design:

An intelligently designed 3D model contributes to successful FDM printing. Consider minimising overhangs, using support structures judiciously, and optimising infill density helps to strike a balance between strength and material usage. Utilise software tools like Meshmixer or PrusaSlicer to refine your designs before printing.

Optimising your 3D Prints

Optimising your 3D Prints

4. Temperature and Cooling Management:

Maintaining proper printing temperatures and effective cooling mechanisms is vital. Experiment with different temperature settings to find the sweet spot for your filament. Employ dedicated part cooling fans to enhance overhang performance and overall print quality.

FDM 3D Printing Temperature and Cooling Management

FDM 3D Printing Temperature and Cooling Management

5. Bed Adhesion Techniques:

Adequate bed adhesion is critical to prevent warping and ensure a successful print. Experiment with options like painter’s tape, BuildTak, glass beds, or specialized adhesion sprays. Employing a heated bed can further enhance adhesion for certain materials.

3DLACIts function is to hold the first plastic coat in order to hold the start of the printing steady, avoiding undesirable mistakes.

3DLAC Its function is to hold the first plastic coat in order to hold the start of the printing steady, avoiding undesirable mistakes.

6. Post-Processing Excellence:

Don’t overlook post-processing steps for that professional finish. Sanding, painting, or smoothing with acetone vapor can transform your FDM prints into polished masterpieces. Clean up any stringing or imperfections to elevate your final product.

7. Maintenance and Upkeep for Mastering FDM 3D Printing:

Regular maintenance of your 3D printer guarantees consistent performance. Keep the printer clean, lubricate moving parts, and replace worn-out components as needed. A well-maintained printer produces high-quality prints over the long term.

8. Joining the FDM Community:

Engaging with the FDM 3D printing community can accelerate your learning curve. Participate in online forums, social media groups, and workshops to share insights, troubleshoot issues, and stay updated on the latest trends.

MATTER HACKS - 36 of the Best 3D Printing Facebook Groups

MATTER HACKS – 36 of the Best 3D Printing Facebook Groups


FDM 3D printing is a captivating journey that rewards those who embrace its intricacies. By following these best practices, you’ll harness the power of this technology to create remarkable prints that push the boundaries of your imagination. Remember, each successful print is a step closer to becoming a true FDM 3D printing maestro.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide general information and guidelines for FDM 3D printing. Always refer to your specific printer and filament manufacturer’s recommendations for best results.

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As Industrial designers we can Project Manage your idea by 3D Printing your Files or Designing bespoke, high-quality 3D Items to suit your needs at a cost-competitive rate.

  • Supply us with your existing STL CAD files for our Bureau Service to 3D Print in PLA plastic using the FDM or in ABS-like using the LCD Resin process.
  • Recreation of existing Objects is possible with aBudget to cover the many hours of Design required to reproduce and refine the CAD Files needed.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We only print in PLA, a thermoplastic.

Either UPLOAD your 3D files via our website or Contact our team to outline your requirements.


  • We print with PLA Plastic Filament only.
  • Our minimum order is £75 ex.
  • We require a CAD file supplied by you, which we need to test first.
  • If you do not have a CAD file we charge £75ph to CAD one. Batch-runs are more economic.
  • Our maximum sizes: for FDM it is 300*300*300mm, for LCD RESIN it is 80*40*100mm

EMAIL US NOW with your Designs or CALL US on 0113 266 5146


With over 30 years’ experience working in engineering and industrial design, we are experts at what we do! We have created prototypes for gaming products, animation, medical simulations and specialised product development. 

Specialist parts, prototypes, models for product development: whatever your printing needs, we can help you discover the solution. Clients have used our services in the past to produce batch runs or one-off 3D prints and prototypes.


  • FDM (Fused Deposition Layer) 3D printing using PLA, PETG Plastic.
  • LCD Resin Printing for high quality prototypes.

Both of these processes use the ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) process to create 3d Models from layers.

Need to contact our team for assistance?

Have your files and want a free quotation?


You may have an idea or description, a set of sketches, reference photos, or an existing item that is ready for modification or improvement. Perhaps you need a product reproduced because it is no longer available or economic to recreate in small quantities through traditional mass-production using injection molding, casting or manual fabrication.

Based on your design ideas, we will supply a brief – a plan on how we see the development of your needs – from that point to the final product. We currently only print in PLA to produce your initial prototypes which help lead you on to more detailed manufacturing.

3D Print Leeds staff have been involved in industrial product design, engineering and prototyping for 30 years. We are ready to support you through the entire 3D process from start to finish.

Tell us about your requirements


Concepts at 3D Printing Leeds are pre-visualised using computer modelling to test the look, size, volume and construction aspects of your product. Our team will build your product virtually, calibrate its measurements and parts’ alignment, as well as its movement and connectivity.

3D Print Leeds

CAD modelling includes aesthetic aspects of colour, finish and texture.

These photos illustrate how CAD modelling can be used to create custom elements of a larger piece. This process might also be used to hone the aesthetic elements of individual pieces or to test the quality of a print prior to assembly.

When a product is for mass manufacture, we create technical documents, manuals and instructions in-house. At 3D Printing Leeds, we can also supply you with the branding and graphic design for your project as part of our outstanding service.

3D Print Leeds uses specialised software that processes the geometry of your product design to ensure that the overall process is economic. This processing considers the time, weight, strength and durability: every aspect is considered as part of our service.

Our CAD modelling process



At this stage, we fabricate a complete, tactile model for your project. You might require us to assemble a single model or multiple copies of a model – or something else!

Bringing together individual parts to form a complete 3D print.

3D Print Leeds can assemble your model, prototype or props using a range of materials. We offer more traditional materials (metal, wood, resin), as well as more pliable options (rubber, fabrics) depending on the desired function of your product.

Our highly-experienced technicians form all products in our own workshops. We consider fabrication a craft. Our aim is to ensure that your final model will be both practical and aesthetic.

Reach out to our team



Many of our clients want the full 3D service, from expert design all the way to complete fabrication.

We are also proud to offer a comprehensive range of finishing options. Although some clients use our services to develop prototypes, other clients reach out to us to help them turn their creative vision into a physical reality.

Finishing details may relate to the colouring or coating of your 3D print. They might involve adding electrical elements, fitting the product, adding further special effects or including graphic design elements. No detail is too small or too large for the attention of our team!

All products are delivered by Royal Mail UK and are insured, tracked and signed for in accordance with your needs.

How can we help?


3D Printing Leeds is a marketing name of the James Rothschild Partnership.
3dprintinglondon.uk 3dprintingsheffield.co.uk 3dprintingmanchester.co.uk
Providing 3D Printing Services for LONDON MANCHESTER and SHEFFIELD and beyond.

Contact us or Phone Us to chat through your requirements:


GAS Radiator Control Knob – FDM 3D Print in PLA

3D Printing Leeds often gets asked for very small projects which are not economic, but when it’s your wife how can you refuse?! Maybe this ready-made part will help others, so we will upload it to thingiverse and cults3d soon.

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Website Showcase:  https://www.3dprintingleeds.co.uk/3d-showcase/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3dprintleeds/
Twitter: @3dprintleeds
instagram: 3dprintingleeds

3D Printing in Resin : Parts – Dyson Hoover

3D Printing in Resin

3D Printing Leeds has recently moved into MSLA Resin Printing and these new facilities were just what was needed for this replacement part for an old Dyson hoover.

Traditional FDM 3D printing struggles to get the super-smooth finish required on all sides and surfaces, as the support material affects both the dimensions and fit too much. However this 3D  printing produced a super smooth and strong print to exacting dimensions and finish. It took a lot longer to print with resin compared to FDM but it is more reliable and produced far, far better results.

Website Showcase: https://www.3dprintingleeds.co.uk/3d-showcase/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3dprintleeds/
Twitter: @3dprintleeds
Instagram: 3dprintingleeds

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering is a great asset to design.
It enables complex shapes to be captured and worked on from other creative applications.

This process of reverse engineering not only empowers us to experience and learn quickly from complex shapes, but also to improve them far more quickly than ever before.

When you send us your item, we scan it into a file that you can use or we can progress the design into a CAD product design, styling and production.

There are many uses for 3D scanning:

  • reverse-engineering, whereby old or unavailable items can be recreated and improved
  • body scanning; for fashion, medical or costume
  • automotive; for new body panel modifications
  • archival; for museum display pieces or interactive representations
  • sculpture; for reproduction of original artworks
  • engineering & product design; to replace or improve parts
  • textiles; to recreate patterns, textures, prints, stamps and dies
  • conservation; recreating man-made and industrial artefacts and parts

Our team at 3D Printing Leeds have the skills and the tools to make your idea a reality, whether that requires 3D Scanning, 3D Photogrammetry or 3D CAD.

Website Showcase: https://www.3dprintingleeds.co.uk/3d-showcase/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3dprintleeds/
Twitter: @3dprintleeds
Instagram: 3dprintingleeds