If you are in a rush simply EMAIL US with your file(s).

All 3D Printing requires a 3D CAD File* of your item. Preferably in .STL format.
If you do not have any 3D Files, we can create files from your sketches, drawings, photos or reverse engineer from a 3D Scan*
This work* is chargeable.
Our minimum charge of £75ph means One-off or Domestic items are often uneconomic.

From the 3D File we calculate the volume of material and the time it takes a machine to print your item. Every item is different.

We may need to 3D Print some test files first for you to check or match to your requirements. These are chargeable.

We can then provide a quotation with cost per item and a delivery schedule.

3D Print Quotation Costing Price Analysis Software

3D Print Quotation Costing Price Analysis Software

If you already have your File(s) ready then you can Simply UPLOAD your .STL file using the form  below and we will reply with a full quotation for your 3D Print prototype once we have reviewed your file.

Or you can use our contact form and upload files there too.


To save you time please mention these facts in your comment …

  • quantity of units/prints required
  • colour, we print prototypes in Grey PLA
  • your deadline

Every item is different due to the size, geometry, infill or number of parts, so please bear with us while we find the best solution for you.


We have a minimum 3D Printing unit charge of £75. This is because the time to setup and test a print is considerable and unlike many companies we actually test print your item for Free to ensure it is deliverable before we quote.
From there on we can calculate the true amount of material, time and any finishing or ‘cleanup’ post-printing processing required.

Contact us or Phone Us to chat through your requirements:

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There is a 25Mb file size limit on emails, so if your file(s) are larger then please send us a DROPBOX, Microsoft OneDrive or GoogleDrive link via. EMAIL.