3D Printing and Innovative Product Design creates Prototypes for Evaluation

Product Design – Make it a Reality!

Most of our 3D Print enquiries tend to develop into Product Design and Industrial Design not only for our local clients in Lees but also across the UK.

Many clients are entrepreneurial … they have an Idea … but no 3D CAD Files as yet, so we discuss their design, collect any sketches photos or drawings they have and produce an initial visualisation for further discussion and refinement in the quotation process.

3D Printing and Industrial Product Design in LEEDS UK

Here we see a Sample workflow of the 3D Print Product ion process for Industrial Design at 3D Printing LEEDS UK

Where do we go from there?

We help you develop the initial Brief so that we can provide a quotation outlining the progress and development stages we see the project requiring.

The priority is to produce a 3D CAD Model to help Visualise the goal to all parties.
From that we can include costs for creating the product design prototypes.

These Prototypes, 3d Prints, Models are valuable for visual, tactile and production consideration. They pull the whole team together in producing 3D prints  and Industrial Models that test the  size form and fit before we take it to mass production.

What’s next?

Email Us your Sketches, Files, NDA or a brief outline of your concept.