3D Printing is a service based on a Design which is recreated as a 3D Computer Model to produce the digital files for a 3D Printer to use.

3D Scanning can be used to create these 3D Computer Models more quickly or accurately by using a fine Laser scan of an items surface from many angles to create 3D data.
It is computationally intensive (time to process the scanned data) so it is best to decide which is quicker, 3D Scanning or traditional human 3D CAD Modelling.

Creating a 3D Scan can be the best option for objects where the exact detailed recreation of complex compound curves or surfaces are required (textures, text, inscriptions), something that is not really humanly or economically possible to recreate.
An example of such detailed shapes are museum artefacts, sculpted artworks, statues or unavailable or discontinued plastic or metal components
At best a human can 3D Sculpt a close approximation but it will not be exact or dimensionally perfect.

Size is a factor. 3D Scanning works for smaller objects around 150mm sq.
Large Objects are possible up to Human size and even up to whole Buildings, Towns or even Planets! can be scanned using LiDAR or Photogrammetry or Video footage from Drones … but that is another Industry and Process.

Contact us to enquire whether your project can make use of 3D Scanning.