3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering is a great asset to design.
It enables complex shapes to be captured and worked on from other creative applications.

This process of reverse engineering not only empowers us to experience and learn quickly from complex shapes, but also to improve them far more quickly than ever before.

When you send us your item, we scan it into a file that you can use or we can progress the design into a CAD product design, styling and production.

There are many uses for 3D scanning:

  • reverse-engineering, whereby old or unavailable items can be recreated and improved
  • body scanning; for fashion, medical or costume
  • automotive; for new body panel modifications
  • archival; for museum display pieces or interactive representations
  • sculpture; for reproduction of original artworks
  • engineering & product design; to replace or improve parts
  • textiles; to recreate patterns, textures, prints, stamps and dies
  • conservation; recreating man-made and industrial artefacts and parts

Our team at 3D Printing Leeds have the skills and the tools to make your idea a reality, whether that requires 3D Scanning, 3D Photogrammetry or 3D CAD.

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